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Product Name: Invisible intelligent self-cleaning waterproof coating
    Invisible intelligent self-cleaning waterproof coating, is transported RPM International Group, the world's most advanced high technology, the use of Silicon oxide, Tin oxide, ATO and other raw materials and refined versatility resin composition that can automatically take the initiative to break down the surface of the glass substrate and the like, and organic matter in the air, dust, leaving the building and glass, tile surface to achieve self-cleaning, to waterproof, vegetable water, decontamination, anti-fog, air purification and other effects. Can effectively block infrared, ultraviolet, the object of destruction, with anti-static, radiation protection and other functions.
Clear, colorless, environmentally friendly, no harmful substances, no pollution, does not affect the visibility of transparency
Easy to use, no special equipment and instruments, with a simple method spraying, brushing can
Deposition - speed, rapid onset, product spraying or brushing to metal, glass, marble, tile, plastic and other surfaces, a few minutes to form a protective layer ATO rugged, it is possible to automatically take the initiative to play a waterproof, dust, vegetable water, self-cleaning, anti-fog, anti-mildew, anti-static effect.
Intelligent ATO invisible protective layer has a super vegetable water, self-cleaning function, the water in the coating surface can be automatically rolled, and automatic washing the dust and maintain the wall surface is always clean, clean.
Durable, spray a long and effective.
Spec; Appearance colorless transparent solution, solid content (SiO2), Min1.7%, solids content (TiO2), Min1%, density, 0.9 + 0.01g / ml, PH value, 5.5 + 0.5, alcohols, 1.2%, ATO, 94.1%
Product features;
Smart water decontamination, vegetable water self-cleaning, dust fog, anti-UV, static electricity.
Construction technology; spray, roller, 16m2 / kg
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