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Product Name: Intellectual Self Cleaning Water Proof Coating
Product overview
Intellectual self cleaning water proof coating is the new generation of intellectual self cleaning water proof coating developed by adopting advanced inorganic ATO element modified acrylic resin and combining international advanced technology. As water will roll down from the wall automatically, similar to the dropping of dew, this product is called Intellectual self cleaning water proof coating. Intellectual self cleaning water proof coating keep the superior property of external wall coating, it can drain away the waste containing water automatically to keep the cleanness and dry condition of external wall, having the excellent water proof, dirt proof, water repellent and contaminant resistant property. The coating has good automatic and initiative drainage effect and outstanding waste resistance function, excellent breathing function, environmental friendly, so it is also be called Intellectual self cleaning water proof coating.
Application scope: Applicable to the wall surface of indoor and outdoor concrete, brick, cement mortar, cement and lime wall body surface.
Product features:
1. Prevent the breeding of fungus, algae in the long term.
2. Excellent weathering resistance, be able to resist various bad climate.
3. Low electrostatic property, having the super strong hydrophobicity, the contaminant are not easy to attach the surface, keep the permanently new wall.
4. Resist the corrosion of alkali, acid and mild chemicals.
5. Do not chalking, do not yellowing, the color keeps unchanged for long.
Construction description: Surface treatment: Keep clean, dry and no foreign objects on the surface properly coated with primer. To scrub the old paint film with chalking, peeling off or wash away by pressure wall cleaner; to add bleach to wash the wall breeding with fungus repeatedly, and then wash by clean water.
Applicable primer: Anti alkali, solidifying primer
Application methods:
Brush painting, roll painting, common spray coating, airless spray dilution amount: Add 1 to 2 portions of clean water for 10 portions of paint.
Application notices:
1. Store in cool and well ventilated area;
2. Stop construction in rainy days; If heavy rain is happened in 12 hours after construction, try to cover the coating as possible.
3. Do not store at the area with the temperature of 0 degree or below.
4. When the temperature is at 5℃ or even lower, do not start construction.
Physical parameters:
Base material: Nano polymer emulsion
Gloss: Matte, the gloss can be customized
Color: Specified color can be prepared according to user’s demand
Content of solid volume:(25℃,humidity <70%)  
Touch dry for 1 hour, hard dry for 24 hours, re-coating time ≥2 hours
Consumption amount: 8m²/kilogram (dry film thickness is 30μm).
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